Fixing Homework

Fixing Homework

Lots of parents are in need of ways to fix homework. Everyone is busy when it comes to working, and it can be quite a challenge to make time to actually help students with homework. What parents must do in the early stages of homework is get their children into a routine. This is going to be the only way to get a real grip on doing homework on a regular basis.

One big homework fix is the Internet. It is rare to find any questions that is asked in a homework assignment that is not already covered on the internet. This is why this is such a helpful resource for all of those that are bringing homework assignments that they have problems with. The best homework fixes include checking out the YouTube videos and seeing alternate methods that may be used to solve certain problems.

Another way for fixing homework is preparing in advance. Students that do well with homework and class work in general are the ones that are reading a couple of steps ahead. There are all types of online curriculums that will show parents and students exactly what they can expect based on the grade level that they are in. Students that may not have homework on a nightly basis should not let their minds go idle. These students should take some time to actually check out the homework assignments that may be part of an online curriculum.

They can get a reinforcement of the work that they are doing in class, and this allows them to stay prepared for new assignments.

The biggest homework fix is staying alert and getting the proper rest and nutrition for daily assignments. Kids that have proper rest and nutrition are going to be much more effective with completing assignments.

Could Student Loans be forgiven – how?

Could Student Loans be forgiven – how?

There are millions of students that go to college and acquire a huge amount of debt from college loans. Many of these students graduate and they don’t have the ability to pay the loans back. In these cases the students may wonder if there is any possible way to acquire loan forgiveness. It is a possibility, but forgiveness of the loan really depends on the major that a student has.

One of the majors that had a lot of students that were getting loan forgiveness is education. At one time teachers that got degrees in education and taught school in the state where they earn a degree for at least 5 years would be able to acquire loan forgiveness. This is something that was done to increase the number of students that were going into the education field. There was a slow growth in education majors, and this was the incentive for those that were considering entering college to earn a degree in the education field.

There are other loan forgiveness programs, but it all varies from state-to-state. There are certain majors that people can go into like engineering or a certain field where there may be a shortage and find student loan forgiveness programs.

There are also lots of students that join the military and acquire loan forgiveness as well. This program has evolved over the years, but military students are often in a place where they can get their college courses discounted based on military service.

There are a plethora of programs that bring loan forgiveness to light for college students, but it takes some research to find which programs will work for you. There are an assortment of resources online to help people that are trying to discover a student loan forgiveness program that fits there needs.

America's most prestigous High Schools

America’s most prestigious High Schools

When it comes to high schools the playing field definitely is not level. There are certainly some high schools that are more prestigious than others. For people to see this one does not have to look much further than schools like Hoover High School. This is a school that has a campus that is so big that it has often been referred to as Hoover University. That is how well received this school is when it comes to the football team and the sizable amount of buildings that are connected to this campus. It is a large school and many parents are eager to get their children into this.

The grand high schools are becoming much more common these days because of the money that goes into sports programs. The Transmountain Early College High in Texas is also one that is often referenced like something that is similar to a university. There are a ton of students that go to the school, and many people will come to the games and support the students that are in attendance. This shows that there is a strange shift in the way that high schools are functioning these days.

There is a large amount of interest in these type of schools that have a number of athletes in place. It is often the cities that have schools that have great football teams are basketball teams that are getting a makeover. These are the schools that have a lot of people that are interested in building more opportunities for their children. There is are money that is pumping money into these schools because there is actually support from the parents in the city for the talents that these children are possessing. Many of these schools have students that go on to become famous athletes.

Understanding the American School System

Understanding the American School System

The American School System is easier than many school systems out there. American children start school at age 5 in kindergarten. The grades start at 1st grade through 12th grade, which is the end of high school. If a child is held back to redo a grade level this is only because of low grades or having frequent absences. Grades 1-6 is considered elementary school while junior high is 7th – 9th grade and high school is 9th through 12th grade. For younger students, it is preferable that a student goes to school close to home although high school can be a drive. A 9th grade student is called a Freshman, a 10th grader is a Sophomore, an 11th grader is a Junior, and a 12th grader is a Senor.

School begins in August or September and generally ends in May or June. Teachers also get summer vacation off since summer is from May to August or September. In the United States, students are required to have specific vaccines like polio, DPT (diphtheria, tetanus or whooping cough, and MMR (measles, mumps and rubella). Some schools now require a tuberculosis vaccine as well. Students take classes like math, social studies, science, English, art, biology, chemistry, and social studies, or astronomy. Unfortunately, educators are not paid very well in the United States, which is something that needs to change. Educators in some states do not make a livable wage. Public schools are considered less attractive than private schools. Charter schools are in another category altogether even if they are public schools with a contract. Private schools are more expensive than public schools given that they require paying tuition every semester.

In contrast, the Canadian school system only has Kindergarten through 7th grade as elementary school, and they call it Grade 1. High school is grade 8 through grade 12.

50 Top Education Hashtags for Teachers

50 Top Education Hashtags for Teachers

Modern educators understand that education at all levels involves interaction in and out of the classroom. Most schools K-College have implemented programs that require students to be active online. This is important for students learning the knowledge tools and methods of today, and how they impact traditional subject requirements.

Teachers are also being encouraged to start personal learning networks (PLNs). Most often, PLNs are created using accounts on platforms like Twitter. The power and visibility of an interesting keyword and hashtag builds active teacher/student networks. They also open pathways for many students and parents in becoming connected overall with institutions.
Hashtag and keyword saturation is the most vital element of a PLN. It is important to create keywords that create a following, but are not duplicated too often in search engines. PLN administrators should create keywords that can be identified through unique aspects of their curriculum, or that help followers discover concepts in non-overused contexts. One of the best ways to ensure effective keyword creation is to be as goal-oriented as possible. Another method is creating keywords that have a definite voice. Treat keyword creation in the same way an author would approach writing material that is genuinely their own.
Here is a helpful list of example Twitter-verse keywords that could be used effectively by teachers, students, and anyone relying on a PLN as part of an education program.

K-6th Grade:


Junior High:




Remember, effective hashtags and keywords are part identification, part uniqueness, and part context. The content surrounding keywords should make the purpose of their uses obvious. Vitality and imagination are vital to popular and helpful PLNs.

10 Critical Issues Facing Education

10 Critical Issues Facing Public Education

Here are 10 of the most critical issues facing public education today:

1) Infrastructure – Not only is our public education programs in the process of crumbling so are the school buildings.

2) Quality Certified Skilled Teachers – With stagnant low teaching salaries in many areas and increasing violence on school grounds, this area of higher education is becoming less attractive as a vocation.

3 ) Antiquated Curriculum – Many of the facts we teach in public education are out of date as well as being verified that the information is just incorrect. With the accelerated technology in today’s world, we see the information we thought was correct being completely disavowed and yet it is still being taught.

4) The Loss Of Creative Expression – The only avenue provided to our children for the teaching and guidance of personal creative expression has been slowly budgeted out of our public education.

5) Poor Nutritional Food – The food our schools provide are mainly highly processed, high calorie, poorly chosen menus that are contributing to some health problems in our children.

6) Safety – Our children should not have to worry about being attacked violently while in school. A sound, working program of safety needs to be established.

7) Acceptable Social Behaviors In Public Schools – Bullying, Sexual Assault, Gender Profiling, Race Profiling, Nationality Profiling, needs to be addressed from an early stage of the child’s education.

8) Life Skills – Public education should be ground zero for children to be instructed in personal life skills such money, personal hygiene, and house cleaning.

9) Achieving Personal Goals – Each child needs to have the opportunity to discover their talents and shown the way to achieve future success.

10) Limited Testing – The focus needs to shift to individual progress rather than standardized testing for evaluating achievement.