Girls better than boys at problem solving

Are Girls Better At Problem Solving Than Boys Are?

Do girls have better problem-solving skills than boys do? According to a new comprehensive OECD educational study, girls are better at solving problems than boys. Here is more info from the latest study.

First, here is some background on the nature of the study. Over 125,000 students from across the globe in 52 different countries were surveyed. The age of the students studied was 15 years old, which would mean that they would be in high school. Countries were selected from both developed and developing nations.

The OECD study looked at factors such as how well a student would work with others in a group setting for the first time in the study. It also looked at their attitude towards teamwork. The study also recorded the participant gender, background and extra-curricular activities at school.

One of the major finds of the study was that girls consistently perform better at problem solving and collaboration than boys do. The study found that this was true across all the countries studied. It did not matter whether the nations were developed or developing. The girls were 1.6 times more likely to be at the top of collaboration assignments. Girls also scored higher on the tests in the study by about 29 points or what the OECD considers to be roughly equivalent to a half a year’s worth of school.

What is even more interesting is that a 2012 study done on students found that boys were much better at solving problems individually than girls. This latest study finds that girls seem to be better at solving problems when they work in groups or in a collaborative environment. When you think of it for a moment, it makes sense. Boys are more likely to be independent and try to solve things on their own. Girls find working in groups and following along easier and more natural than boys than do.