Without school sports, everyone loses

Don’t Cut Them, Because Without School Sports, Everyone Loses

There’s no doubt, times can be hard for schools across the country. Many school administrators say they just don’t enough money for every student who wants to play on the football team, basketball team, baseball team, soccer, participate in track. Some want to cut less popular programs, like Lacrosse. Others want to cut all freshmen sports.

It isn’t just a problem in the United States either. The Toronto Star reports children there are often deprived of the chance to participate in school sports.

So when times are so tough, some may wonder what is the problem with cutting something they believe isn’t vital, like school sports? The Star reported that one problem with doing so is obesity rates are soaring for children in Canada, and school sports can help fight the problem. That is a problem American children suffer from too. According to heart.org, about one in three teens or kids are obese or overweight. The article reported it is the number one health concern in the United States for parents and that the obesity rate among children tripled from 1971 to 2011.

Online articles also report that many Americans believe schools are there not just to provide students with the necessary academic facts to survive in life, but also to develop the “whole” student. Some students find sports participation is as important in this as their academics. Students don’t only become involved for entertainment and socialization, but to learn teamwork, fair play, self esteem, goal setting, and develop skills–all good life skills to have. In fact, researchers report almost any student involvement affects development and learning.

So, when administrators, consider cutting sports programs, maybe they should consider the damage they might be doing.

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