How to stop online bullying

How to stop online bullying

Online bullying of school aged children has been in the news a lot lately. This form of bullying is especially dangerous as individuals often feel less contained when conversing with someone online. This lack of face to face contact, as well as the anonymous nature of online contact, has created a secretive environment where children often engage in threatening and mean forms of communication. Since children are more adept with technology and computers, parents are often unaware that this is going on right under their noses. When children feel unsafe in the security of their own homes, it can be an especially terrifying ordeal if not handled swiftly and appropriately.

There have even been cases where other children have urged kids online to harm themselves even to commit suicide. Educators can help stem this trend by providing safe means for their students to report this type of behavior. Also, discussing this issue can go a long way in preventing harm and stopping these atrocious behaviors. Parents should have an open online policy and especially younger children need parent locks that can prevent access. Both parents and teachers should discuss this topic with their children and students, and provide information on how to handle the situation if it does occur.

Many teens become secretive of their online conversations. Attention to new troubling behaviors promptly by parents can deter long term and sometimes permanent emotional and mental abuse effects. Seek appropriate counseling if a child appears traumatized or afraid by online bullying.

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