World's best elementary schools

World’s best Elementary Education

According to NJ MED, Finland proves to be the top country in the world in primary (elementary) education, sense 2000. Scoring them highest in many factors, one of those factors being student to teacher ratio. Business Insider also states, students are only given 1 mandatory test but it isn’t until the age of 16.

One thing to keep in mind is that out of 209 countries only 85 have any sort of educational data that can be used to help with these rating calculations. Rating a country high on this list of primary educational greatness shows that they are not scored solely on good test scores, it also has to do with the quality of educational environments. For example, Finland has what is called a “no banding” system. Where all students are taught together regardless of their learning abilities or lack there of. Which in turn makes Finland have the smallest difference between the weakest and strongest performance in students. Another bonus with the Finnish elementary school systems, students receive roughly 75 minutes a day of recess in comparison to the US where they receive between 25 to 30 minutes a day. Lastly, the quality of teaching in Finland is well above any other country. Teachers are required to have graduated in the top 10% with a master’s degree, also they only teach for 4 hours a day with 2 hours a week dedicated towards professional development. In 2010, 660 open teaching slots were available with 6600 applicants. Making Finland the top country of primary education.

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