Why is Oxford the most prestigious University in the world?

Why Oxford Stands Out Above The Rest

Oxford University is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Many British Prime Ministers as well as world leaders have graduated from Oxford University. Oxford can afford to be selective and chooses only the best of the best when it comes to their students. Many are required to live in the dormitory for the duration of their first year. You are not required to participate in theater, sports or other college events. There is a college bar where students can socialize and meet new friends enrolled in Oxford. The success of its students after graduation is what makes Oxford the most funded University in Europe.

Oxford University is not as expensive as one might think. If your student is focusing on medicine, it can cost 30,000 per year. A Bachelor’s degree requires a tuition of about 14,000.

Not many universities can boast the world-renowned writers whom have studied there. J. RR Tolkien, William Golding and ‘Alice in Wonderland’ writer Lewis Carroll. Oxford is home to the largest History Department employing over 100 lecturers.

Oxford will only take applications from students who have shown exemplary grades and are outstanding pupils. Every five applicants vie for only one spot. A student will only be considered if they have achieved high grades in each subject of study.

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