What do Harvard Grads make a year right after undergraduate degree

Harvard Graduate Salary

Getting a degree is an amazing accomplishment, and studying at Harvard is quite impressive. Many wonder how much are Harvard graduates actually making once they graduate college. This depends a lot on the area of study the student pursued, since there is no one size fits all response to that. Diligence, personality, work ethic, and attitude also play major roles post college when searching and landing a job. Those aspects are often times overlooked once a student graduates, but those characteristics are paramount and should be taken seriously.

The salary of Harvard graduates, like stated above, fluctuates depending on the area of study the student pursued. Below are the top 10 salaries of Harvard graduates right after an undergraduate degree.

Students are earning an approximate salary of:

  • $75,000 with a Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  • $94,000 with a Bachelor of Science (BS)
  • $73,000 with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts (BLA)
  • $100,000 with a Bachelor of Architecture (BArch)
  • $101,000 with a Bachelor or Civil Law (BCL)

As you can see the numbers change depending on what the student studied. Also, after gathering research, Harvard students that further their education beyond a Bachelor’s degree tend to have a higher salary.

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