The Turning Point For Higher Education

The Turning Point For Higher Education

There have been several major turning points for higher education. The first one was when it went through a democratization process. In the early days of higher education, it was something that was reserved for the wealthy and powerful. Over time, things gradually began to change. People from a wide variety of social classes started to get the opportunity to seek higher education if they displayed the aptitude, determination and the drive. This has helped to improve the economic opportunities and social mobility for a large number of people.

Another turning point for higher education was when a growing number of women gained access to it and began becoming qualified in a wide range of technical fields. Prior to that point educated women were seen as an anomaly. In many cases, women were discouraged from even attempting to seek higher education. If they did, they were encouraged to study nursing or fine arts. Today, women are just as likely to pursue higher education as men. Countless women receive training and advanced degrees in the most technical areas. That change was revolutionary and has helped to move civilization forward.

The rise in the access to scholarships, grants and other forms of financial aid was yet another turning point for higher education. Prior to that time, if one could not finance their own higher education, they did not receive it. This rise in the availability of financial aid has made it possible for almost anyone to pursue higher education. The federal, state and local government, as well as businesses, philanthropic organizations, trade groups and private citizens now provide funds to help people from all walks of life make their dream of getting higher education a reality.

Currently, the ability to go to school online is ushering in higher education’s latest turning point.

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