Meditation for Kids. Life Changing

Mediation for Kids- A Life-changing Practice

Parents today compete for their children’s attention between glowing screens and a never-ending busy schedule. The window of opportunity to raise your child has become minuscule as they grow rapidly and have more outside influences effecting their development. Teaching your child morals and values, let alone trying to discipline them, has become a challenge. That is why mediation practice is becoming more popular to teach your child rather than add more stress to their life and yours.

Meditation is now being used as an alternative to detention and even has become a class all its own. But, mediation can also be used at home to cultivate calmness and self-reflection, which in turn helps with many behavioral issues and learning roadblocks. Here are ways that mediation with your children can have life changing effects.

  • Mediation teaches children to remove their distractions, worries, and problems.
  • By sitting quietly and focusing on breathing, your child becomes more self-aware.
  • Mediation increases clarity helping your child express themselves; instead of becoming a follower, they become their unique selves.
  • For children with hyper activity, mediation calms the mind and body; it teaches them how to control both.
  • It increases your child’s attention span, as sitting relieves them of racing thoughts and teaches them to focus inward and outward.
  • Once your child learns to respect their own mind and body, they place this value on others. They respect the individuality of others and are open-minded and empathetic.

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