Picking a major is a major bad idea

Why Picking a Major is Not Needed

As a high school senior, there are a lot of choices to be made about ones future. It can be an especially stressful time for the student as well as parents. Even after applying to different schools and getting accepted, there is the matter of financial aid, housing, getting supplies, moving and finding out what your child wants to study.

Having a major when starting college is not necessary. Although many students may have an idea of what they want to study when they enter college, they can change their minds or decide that they want to specialize more in a topic, such as marine biology instead of just biology.

When a student begins college, there are generally three or four semesters of general education classes to take before a student can really dig into their major’s courses. General education classes can help guide a student on what they would like to study. For example, a course on literature may interest a student and lead them to study literature, or even study to become an English teacher. These courses could also help change a person’s mind on what they would like to study.

An influential professor or even the course itself could cause a student to become interested in a subject that they would have passed over before. Plus, if it is known that the influential professor teaches more classes in that major, it could help a student decide to pick that subject.

Entering college with a major decided is not necessary and may prohibit a student from being open minded to different subjects. Having an open mind and knowing that a major of study is not needed when entering college can help a student make a healthy transition from high school to higher education.

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