Applying to Private Scholarships

Private Scholarships:

*All about Private Scholarships:

Applying to private scholarships can be a way for an ambitious and bright student to fund their college education. Therefore, it is important to do some research to find as many sources as possible and obtain all required. Essentially a money scholarship is a “gift”. Therefore, a “gift” does not have to be repaid unlike a student funded loan.

There are a host of Scholarships available to deserving students which include:

*Community Service.

It is important to find out exactly what kind of scholarships are currently available. Therefore, if you are a high school student more than likely your high school adviser/counselor can assist you with finding this important information.

Once you obtain information about what kind of scholarships are available, the next step is to find out exactly how to apply for the scholarship. There are normally a host of long forms to complete along with documentation you will be asked to submit information concerning:

*Your family financial position.
*Head of household income.
*Size of your family.

Most importantly, you must obtain information which explains how your scholarship (if granted) may affect any other student aid or financial grants. In some situations, a scholarship my exclude you from receiving financial aid and student grants. However, this is decided on a case by case basis.

Scholarship Awards are based upon a student’s ability, overall skills as well as future plans and ambitions. If granted a scholarship, the student must maintain a certain GPA or you could lose part or all of your scholarship monies.

Scolarships can also be based strictly on “Merit”. Therefore, the student must meet or exceed certain guidelines or standards set forth by the institution granting the scolarship. There are normally few exceptions to that rule.

Finally, a student can be granted a partial scholarship or full tuition scholarship. again, this depends upon need as well as scholastic standing. It is true that straight “A” students with a financial need can very well end up receiving a full scholarship to college.


It is critical that you be aware of the deadline for submitting required scholarship forms. They are very strict about meeting certain deadlines when applying for a partial or full scholarship. Failure to meet required guidelines can exclude a deserving student from receiving their “gift” of scholarship.

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