Top 5 Tricks to get an A

Top 5 Tricks to get an A

Five Sure Fire Ways To Score An A On Your Next Paper

It is one thing to get an A. It is another thing to keep that A going. Here are 5 tips on how to do that.

1) You need to attend all your classes. You will be amazed at how many students think they can skip class and still score an A. You have to be present in everything you do. You may want to sit closer to the front. Studies have shown that those who sit closer to the front are more likely to excel.

2) Each professor you have is different. You need to become a master on your teacher. There is a difference between this and kissing some butt in class. Mastering your teacher is all about studying them, learning what they want from you. The other is just brown-nosing to get a better grade. There is a difference.

3) Stay as organized as possible. The more organized you are, the more prepared for the test you will be. Study everything. Some teachers will tell you that something will not be on the test. This is a test. Study it all. There is always a chance your teacher is studying you too.

4) Your time needs to be spent wisely. Time can be an enemy for those who do not procrastinate too. Divide your study times into chunks. Study during the peak times. This is when your brain is most receptive and awake. Take breaks for rest and eating. Your body and mind need to be properly fueled in order to ace the test.

5) You should study up on good note taking and good writing skills. At least half your test is going to be focused on your writing skills. Your teacher is studying your skills when you least expect it. The better you are in your writing craft, the more likely you are to get an A.

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