Tips to Get into Harvard

Tips for Getting into Harvard

Harvard University is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Along with this prestige, the acceptance rate to get into Harvard is very low. While it can be very hard to get into Harvard, there are several tips that you can follow that will help to improve your chances of acceptance.

Grades and Test Scores

While it is not always the deciding factor, those that are looking to get into Harvard will need to have very good test scores and grades. Generally speaking, the vast majority of students admitted to Harvard will finish in the top 5% in their graduating class and among test takers. To improve your chances of acceptance, you should do your best to get excellent grades and prepare for the SAT exam.


Harvard university is considered to have one of the best networks of alumni in the world. To improve your chances of getting into the school, you should do your best to network with anyone you know that went to the school. By building and forming these relationships with alumni, you will be able to meet people that could write a letter of recommendation for you. This could go along way if it comes from an esteemed member of the alumni.Outside ActivitiesĀ 

One Harvard is reviewing an application, the admissions staff will also spend a lot of time reviewing your outside activities. You should do your best to get involved with your school and community as best as possible. This should include being a member of sports teams, school organizations, and leadership. It is also important that you get involved with organizations outside of the school. This can include volunteering with a number of different charities or being involved with organizations and clubs that are not sponsored by your high school.

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