How to get more women into Science

The Best Way To Get More Women Into Careers In Science

The United States has less women in the field of science than almost any other country. The reason for this is because female students do not receive any encouragement to pursue the field. The term used is STEM and it stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Female students in middle and high school must be encouraged to explore a career in STEM. There is a double standard that a career in science is meant for the male population that must be overcome. When female students receive the necessary encouragement, they are capable of excelling in the field.

There are workshops designed to teach the value of a career in STEM. These programs are available both in and out of the schools and provide female students with all the information and learning required for a successful career in science. These programs can increase the number of female students who choose a science major in college. Numerous organizations including the Girl Scouts have seen the gap left in the field of science because of a lack of females. They have realized there is no reason for the field to be dominated by men and are teaching girls about the importance of females in this sector.

Another important aspect is mentorship. When young women are taught about the techniques, processes, and opportunities in science they gain the confidence necessary to proceed in the field. This is a strategy capable of correcting the imbalance in a male dominated industry. Many of the women with a science career have stated it was due to the help of a mentor. Female students need to receive encouragement and guidance to look at all the information online regarding having a career in science. This is an excellent starting point for all female students to realize their sex has no relation to their chosen career.

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