11 Amazing Facts About Education in America

11 Amazing Facts About Education in America

1. K-12 students in America come from more varied racial backgrounds than ever before.

2. Students today graduate from high school at the highest rate ever, with the lowest number of dropouts (5.9%) recorded in 2015. Black and Hispanic students in particular are graduating successfully in much higher numbers today than in 2000.

3. The University of Phoenix Online has 380,232 students, far more than any public university.

4. However, it only costs an average of $2,713 to attend a two-year college, which is a great way to save money and earn credit for a bachelor’s degree.

5. Vincennes University in Indiana offers a Bowling Management degree, allowing students to get their foot in the door in the bowling industry. Bowling management students learn about sales, the mechanism of pin setting, and operating bowling pro shops.

6. Harvard and Stanford turn away about half of the applicants who have received a perfect score on the SAT.

7. Students who attend more selective colleges end up earning about the same in their careers as students with the same ability level who attend less selective colleges.

8. Elementary school attendance was not compulsory in every state in the US until 1918. This came with the popularization of the idea that educated people can participate better in their society.

9. There are 480,000 public school buses transporting children to school in America every single day!

10. The United States hosts the most international students seeking a college degree. 17% of the 4.3 million international students in 2011 chose to study in America.

11. The number of high school graduates is expected to grow 10% in the period between 2011-2021, with Texas and Florida seeing larger increases.

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