10 Critical Issues Facing Education

10 Critical Issues Facing Public Education

Here are 10 of the most critical issues facing public education today:

1) Infrastructure – Not only is our public education programs in the process of crumbling so are the school buildings.

2) Quality Certified Skilled Teachers – With stagnant low teaching salaries in many areas and increasing violence on school grounds, this area of higher education is becoming less attractive as a vocation.

3 ) Antiquated Curriculum – Many of the facts we teach in public education are out of date as well as being verified that the information is just incorrect. With the accelerated technology in today’s world, we see the information we thought was correct being completely disavowed and yet it is still being taught.

4) The Loss Of Creative Expression – The only avenue provided to our children for the teaching and guidance of personal creative expression has been slowly budgeted out of our public education.

5) Poor Nutritional Food – The food our schools provide are mainly highly processed, high calorie, poorly chosen menus that are contributing to some health problems in our children.

6) Safety – Our children should not have to worry about being attacked violently while in school. A sound, working program of safety needs to be established.

7) Acceptable Social Behaviors In Public Schools – Bullying, Sexual Assault, Gender Profiling, Race Profiling, Nationality Profiling, needs to be addressed from an early stage of the child’s education.

8) Life Skills – Public education should be ground zero for children to be instructed in personal life skills such money, personal hygiene, and house cleaning.

9) Achieving Personal Goals – Each child needs to have the opportunity to discover their talents and shown the way to achieve future success.

10) Limited Testing – The focus needs to shift to individual progress rather than standardized testing for evaluating achievement.

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